UPRIGHT GO 2™ Trainer Review.

Ever heard the term “tech neck?” Well whether you have or not, you probably have fallen victim to this at some point in time. According to Columbia Spine, “it is a term coined to describe the position of the head and neck when a device is held at chest or waist level and your eyes are focused down on the screen.” I personally am a victim of tech neck on a daily basis. From growing up as a millennial where a cell phone was part of my norm to working daily on a laptop // cell phone, especially now during this time of quarantine, I find myself more slouched than straight. I also combat weakened neck muscles due to the two Chiari Malformation brain decompression surgeries I had back in 2012. Long story short, my posture has never been one to brag about!

Fun fact, the adult head weighs about 10 to 12 pounds when in a neutral position. You are considered to be in a neutral position when your ears are lined up with your shoulders and your shoulder blades are pulled in. As our head falls forward out of a neutral position weight on our spine increases exponentially. For example, studies have shown that with our heads tilted just 15 degrees forward the heads weight increases to 27 pounds. Our spines fall further out alignment as the weight increases.

So while it is highly unrealistic to think we will ever move away from our phones, computers or whatever else the device may be we have briefly now seen why it becomes crucial to make active choices in correcting our own posture.


A few months ago I was lucky enough to partner with this amazing company, UPRIGHT™, and test out their personal posture trainer. Prior to this partnership I had seen UPRIGHT GO 2™ ads all over my social media and was highly interested in the product. I was actually in the process of purchasing my own on the week we signed our agreement. What timing right?? If I had to describe this device in just a few shorts words it would be: small, but mighty. Not to mention, life changing and worth the purchase!

With the UPRIGHT GO 2™ Trainer you can be on your way to better posture in just 3 easy steps in just 14 days!

  1. Sync your device to the app with just a few clicks
  2. Attach the device to your back
  3. Go about your day normally while training and tracking your posture with real-time feedback

Not only are you improving body alignment while you wear the device, but you are also strengthening your back muscles and developing core strength. Again, you guys I’m telling you this device is… small, but mighty! Let’s delve deeper into the benefits, how it works, use in daily life and the application integration shall we?!

Benefits: (all adapted from uprightpose.com)

  • Change your appearance – an upright body makes you look taller and slimmer. As you slouch your stomach hangs out making it appear bigger than it actually is.
  • Stimulate biochemistry // build confidence naturally – real-time feedback trains your body to adopt naturally and creates body awareness. Studies show that an upright posture boosts testosterone production and lowers cortisol levels in the body and brain.
  • Make meaningful first impressions – an upright demeanor is impressive and helps you appear more confident.
  • Tune into your body – it’s been proven that how one holds their body affects their mood. Body language varies and appears different in those that are stressed than someone at ease. Body awareness can help one reduce the production of stress hormones in your brain.
  • Boost work productivity – breathe deeper and easier with upright posture increasing the flow of oxygen to your brain. Oxygen production to the brain can help enable you to stay sharp and focused. Upright posture also helps your lungs take in more oxygen helping your body receive what it needs to naturally relax.
  • Enhance vitality, strength and energy – sitting or standing in a slouched position puts undue strain on your back, creates muscles fatigue, neck pain, breathing limitations and digestive problems. By developing posture awareness you reduce pressure and strain on your back and help to balance body alignment.

How it works: (all adapted from uprightpose.com)

  1. Get your device: purchase from www.uprightpose.com, Amazon or Apple Stores across the country
  2. Install the free app: available on Apple App Store or Google Play
  3. Place it on your back: stick the device on your upper back between your wings bones, on your spine, using one of the hypoallergenic adhesives (made from medical-grade silicone)
  4. Get immediate feedback through 2 modes: training (device slightly vibrates whenever you slouch) and tracking (turns off the vibration alerts and keeps accurate stats on posture)
  5. Form healthy habits: create training sessions developing daily posture awareness and correction

Daily use:

Not going to lie, when I first received this device I had a few reservations. I was worried about how it would stay and stick. I wondered how noticeable it would be. I feared how it would feel. I questioned its ability to impact a body much bigger than its size. I was unsure of its overall incorporation into my daily life. Within days all the things I had skepticism about were combated in one way or another.

  • Stay & stick: silicone adhesive is strong and dependable. Only noticed a “slipping” feeling towards the end of life of an adhesive, typically after use 7 to 10 uses. One adhesive is said to last 3 to 10 uses depending on skin type. I also noticed that during the winter months, when my skin was more dry, I would usually get a few more uses. Another factor I observed was length of daily wear. For example, if I only wore if for a couple hours over a full day I would find myself squeezing a few more uses out as well.
  • Notice-ability: unless my upper back is exposed (as pictured below) the device is so petite that I’ve never once been asked about it. At first I was worried I would appear as being a twin to the Hunchback, but that is not the case. That is actually nowhere even close to the case.
  • Feeling: what device? Honestly y’all this thing is light as a feather and I would often forget I even had it on, especially when switched to tracking mode. Now the first few days I definitely “felt it,” but I attributed that to getting used to it. After several days of use I often found myself reaching back to make sure it was even still there.
  • Impact: life altering! You may wonder how a slight vibration could yield such a response, but all I can say is…it does! After a couple weeks of use I even found myself catching “slouched” posture when I was not wearing the device.
  • Daily incorporation: easier than I thought it would be. At first I certainly had forgetful moments, but eventually it became part of my routine. I made it a point to find the device a “home” within my home and one which was “in sight” helping to remember to put it on before I walked out the door.

Application integration:

The application is beyond user friendly. You are able to download and set it up in a matter of minutes. Instructions are clear and prompts are through. Once your device is connected you will set your first upright range. This is something you set everyday. It basically works as a built in collaboration tool to ensure that the device is always recording the most accurate data.

One thing I really enjoy is that you are able to control frequency and intensity of the vibration. This is beneficial because not all days are the same. For example, if there is a day I know for a fact I will be leaning over desks assisting students more than usual I can extend the time I have to get back into my “upright range.” This is important because it keeps my statics raw, real and up-to-date.

Last but not least, reading your results. Understanding the data in the application is a piece of cake. Below you can see examples of my first four days ever using the device. The first thing you see is a break down of how long you were in each mode as well as a percentage of how “upright” you were. This percent is a combination of both modes // your whole time wearing the device. Next there is a pie chart that represents upright vs. slouched. Next to it you can see the “hours” you spent upright vs. the hours you spend slouched. It also shows you a physical timeline of when you were in each phase. I enjoy this feature because it allows me to think back to the day and helps me pinpoint why I might have been slouching. The last set of data you see is your training hours vs. tracking hours. This is beneficial because it allows you to see growth in your posture awareness, especially in tracking mode (i.e. when you are not receiving vibration reminders).

All that said we can wrap up with this… the UPRIGHT GO 2™ is a tiny device that makes a huge difference.

Snag yours today and be on your way to better posture and a healthier life!

&& don’t forget about their 30 day money back guarantee so you can see for yourself, risk free.

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