Oh What a Night.

You guys… spoiler alert, I’m getting a sister-in-law!

Last weekend my one and only sibling, my big bro, took a big step in life and proposed to his girlfriend. While Alex has already been a part of the family, it’s now officially official. Well, I guess “pending” official right? They need the marriage license to cross the T’s and dot the I’s so to speak. But you get my drift…I HAVE A SISTER!

I’m going to “stop before I start” and before going any further, I’m going to just leave this right here. Their engagement video put together by their great friend Thomas. I’ve watched 80 billion times and still tear up. One word can sum it up, genuine.

For starters, if you’re just stopping by the blog and don’t know too much about my personal life, my brother is my best friend. We’ve lived thousands of miles apart, go days without talking, argue and fight, but when push comes to shove we have always had each other’s backs through thick and thin – agree or disagree – no questions asked. While one might be scared to lose this relationship when “the one” is found, I never was, especially when Nic met Alex. From the very beginning the three of us have always had a riot together and Alex and I even kick Nic out of the party every so often for much needed GNO’s! It’s refreshing when your brothers girlfriend (fiancé) also becomes one of your best friends.

When Nic approached me that he was planning to propose to Alex I couldn’t help but smile and of course wanted ALL the details. Yet, it was a work in progress which was mostly my fault {ek!}. He knew he wanted to propose on February 29th for the leap year, but the location and execution was up in the air. Why? Well. I underwent surgery on the 25th just 4 days prior to proposal day. My mom and I had some plans for that weekend on the west side of the state (scheduled prior to the surgery) and me being the glass half full thinker I am I thought we’d still be going so he had a plan set over there, so that my mom and I wouldn’t miss it. However Nic being the realist he is had a feeling I would not be going and also had a plan locally in Detroit. And yes you guessed it, Detroit marked the spot!

Location: The Monarch Club

This rooftop bar opened last May and is located on the 13th floor of the Metropolitan Building in Downtown Detroit. Yes you read that right, I said rooftop and yes you are correct, it is winter and yes you are remembering right, we live in Michigan. The bar is uniquely set up with an inside seating that you enter to right from the elevator and outdoor patio areas which flank both sides of the indoors. They have unique cocktails/beer/wine and small plates. Nic had a private room reserved that included one of the side patio area meaning; patio for proposal and room for celebration after. We aren’t THAT crazy.

The execution: Deceive

It was a beautifully clear night with not too frigid of temperatures. Nic and Alexs’ journey started much earlier in the day however. Cue the deception. They had “plans” to go see a comedian in Kalamazoo which suddenly were cancelled the night before. Nic told the group – Alex, her best friend Meg and her husband Kellen – that his friend Thomas was in town hosting a resident event and he was getting a very low turnout. Due to the low turnout Thomas had begged Nic to come to the event as well as asking him to do a presentation to those that were this. This was something that would be totally believed by Alex since Nic over the last couple years has attended and presented at many of Thomas’ events. Nic being the worry wart he was had not told Meg or Kellen yet that the night was ending in him proposing, but this “change up” led him to do such ensuring that they would still join them for the night. They decided as a group to head down to Detroit early afternoon for a few drinks and appetizers before heading to the event, which played right into Nics’ plan.

Their last stop made them “running behind” making Nic late for his presentation time. Why was this important? Well, this way Nic could tell them he needed to be dropped at the door as they went to park meaning he could get upstairs, to the roof and in place. When he got upstairs he was greeted by a small group of friends and family who were waiting to hide and surprise once the big moment happened. Minutes passed as he waited out on the patio and the hidden photographer and videographer were double checking their marks.

Finally. Alex was getting off the elevator. Our wait staff that night was absolutely amazing and our waitress was in on the plan. She was standing at the host stand waiting to escort the 3 of them over to the patio where the “recruitment event” was happening. I will never forget the feeling I had as I stood behind the wall watching her bring Alex to the outside door. Pure excitement for the unknown Alex was walking out to. Once Alex took her step outside we moved closer to the door to watch/get another video angle.

Nic supposedly had about a minute speech prepared, where if you watched the video you would have noticed, ya that didn’t happen. But after about a minute of Alex realizing what was happening, Nic telling her to stop (nervously) giggling and him telling her, “I love you, you know that, right?” He got down on one knee and popped the question!

Nic being Nic refused to get off one knee until he received a verbal “yes” from her resulting in her screaming the cutest “YES!” I think I’ve ever heard. The moment was so surreal and is completely and forever burnt in my brain and heart. What’s the word I used earlier? Oh right, genuine. I have never witnessed something so genuine. The love they have for each other was abundantly shown in their smiles and how they embraced each other. My favorite moment of the whole night would have to be when Nic asked Alex if she wanted the ring and she said, “Oh there’s a ring, right, I forgot about that part.” She wasn’t happy that she finally “got the ring” she was happy that she was finally getting to say forever to her best friend.

Cue the confetti!

Yes, Nic had confetti poppers for us to pop once the magic word was said. After he put the ring on she then also realized they were not alone. She was so into the moment she didn’t see the cameras walking around or wonder where the confetti was coming from. As they turned she said, “Oh! There’s people here!” and Nic with the biggest grin said, “Yes, there’s people here.” At that moment I saw a calm in my brother’s demeanor which I think I have never witnessed before. Every part of his body was radiating joy. His plan worked. The love of his life said yes. They were now engaged.

The celebration: Poppin’ bottles

Or one bottle which didn’t really pop and created quite the mess, but what’s an engagement without a champagne toast?? After hugs {and tears} were exchanged the happy couple took a mini-shoot outside on the patio then shortly after joined everyone else inside where we had more champagne, wine and LOTS of food waiting. As we all sat, ate and drank the moment we just had witnessed was rehashed over and over again; each person having their own view to share. More pictures were taken {but of course!} and stories were shared. Some about their dating years, some about them as individuals by the friends who were there, some about how I might of deceived Alex so much I had her thinking Nic was breaking up with her {whoops!} and the favorite being how the ring got lost.

*insert story time here*

So Nic ordered the ring that he had designed with ample time, but nonetheless he was one week out and the ring had yet to show up on the door step. To make a long story short after MUCH back and forth; FedEx claimed they couldn’t find the ring in the warehouse down somewhere around Tennessee, yet the jewelry company claimed that it was delivered to a convention center in California. Lo and behold it was in California. The jewelry company felt absolutely horrible and said they would overnight it to him. He had just one request, to use UPS.

The rest of the night carried on with conversation and everyone in the room, many of whom did not know one another, acting as if they had for years and years. Calls were made. Texts were sent. Pictures were snapped. More champagne was popped. And eventually it was time for the night to come to an end. It was one for the books.

To my brother: Nic, you have always been my best friend growing up. You’re my number one cheerleader and the first to give me a reality check. I’ve loved watching you grow up and develop into the man you are today. I couldn’t of been more lucky to have such an amazing role model leading the way. I couldn’t be happier for you that you’ve found the person you want to spend the rest of your life with.

To my soon-to-be sister-in-law: Alex, from day 1 we’ve built a friendship which is not like any other. You may now “officially” be becoming my big sister, but you’ve already held that role for 2 years. From being the first to be there when an emergency happened to our day hangouts that turn into late nights {and so much more that could probably use its own blog post}, I couldn’t feel more blessed to have you as an addition to this family. I am so thankful you and Nic have found one another.

Saturday February 29, 2020 was a night to remember; one that I will never forget and I can’t imagine it being any better. Indescribably breathtaking and memorable {even though I did just write a post about it this describing it, but you get my drift!}. You two deserved nothing but and I cannot thank you enough for allowing me to be a part of it.

Congratulations to the Future Mr. & Mrs. Josey

💍 02.29.20 💍

Photography credit to Mike Ferdinande – Ferdinande Fotography LLC

Videography credit to Thomas Newton

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